BOSTON - June 9, 2017

DB-PROS, Inc. Announces Violation Database Management Software version 2.4 with Cloud Services Now Available!

Complete Commercial Database Software package for Violations Management with Cloud enabled support for mobile devices and tablets brings professional issue resolution and collections management to the digital era.


Boston, MA - DB-Pros, Inc. is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of their popular database software program for Violation Database Management. Violation Database Management Software™ version 2.4 with Cloud Services has been officially released and is available now for evaluation and purchase as of 6/9/17.

Combining a rich suite of features with a powerful and easy to use interface, Violation Database Management Software™ version 2.4 leads a new generation of desktop applications that make use of both personal computing technology and the “Cloud”. This translates to valuable real-time data available instantly to users of any and all internet-enabled hardware, such as Android mobile phones, iPads, iPhones as well as PCs and Mac computers.

Traditionally utilized by large Fortune 500 corporations, affordable Cloud technology can now be harnessed by private industry and government institutions to simplify and improve management of their organization’s business operations. Cloud actuated economies of scale means system users now need only pay for the access and services they use.

With this new paradigm in computing technology, no longer are small businesses at a disadvantage to larger corporate enterprises. From maintaining up to date contact and billing information, to violation and notification management, to monthly statements and financial accounting the Violation Database Management Software™ system can be relied upon to bring professional violations management to any business entity or agency.

The system’s distributed database technology can be quickly adapted to fit nearly any organization's needs, allowing instant access to the critical data that your business depends on.

The database itself can handle from a dozen to hundreds or thousands of client and transaction records, making quick work of important and routine tasks. The ability to generate traditional account statements and address label printing can be leveraged along with electronic communications such as email and .pdf files to bring a complete tool set to the violation manager’s repertoire.

With Cloud enabled services such as robust Microsoft Windows enterprise security and automated backups, businesses can rest assured that their critical data is safe and secured.

Violation Database Management Software™ version 2.4 is now available for download and purchase from the web at:

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